Our Farm

What You Will See

We love our animals! When you come you will not see 100 bulldogs, or 60 bulldogs, or even 20 bulldogs, we are a SMALL KENNEL never having more bulldogs than what we can accommodate.

We do not have “individual” dog runs for our dogs, we have a different way that our dogs are kept that we have been doing for the past 10 years. No dog is ever alone or separated from the other dogs! Each male is in a group we call a haram, up to 4 females live in harmony with one male, and it has been working wonderfully. Our dogs are never lonely and they always have playmates to keep them company! Our dogs also have pools to enjoy every day, they have access to the outdoors at all times, and can exit their cabins at will! Our dogs are probably the friendliest dogs you will ever meet! Our new moms and their babies are kept INSIDE our fully insulated and heated, well-equipped nursery area, and the puppies are extremely well socialized, as you will see!